Raijintek's New Water Block For 5700 Series GPU's top view
Image: Raijintek

Owners of AMD RX 5700 series cards have another cooling option for their cards now. Whether overclocking or simply seeking a more efficient solution a water block can help with either strategy. Raijintek has released a version of its SAMOS product line for either 5700 or 5700XT models. If curious about the “out of box” experience for these cards then check out our review of both here. Brent even did a follow up review on overclocking both that can be read here. In reading his overclocking review we can see that both cards can benefit from a better cooling solution whether it be for the noise factor or temperature needs. “Designed in Germany, Made in Taiwan”, Raijintek’s new water block for the 5700 series GPU’s could potentially help with both. Well time to meet the SAMOS AD5700 RBW water block.

Compatibility List:

Raijintek's New Water Block For 5700 Series GPU's compatibility list
Compatibility List: Raijintek

Specifications and Features

  • Full-cover water block comprised of nickel-plated copper base to cover GPU, VRM, and Ram.
  • Cold plate has 0.5 mm internal fins and 12 mm transparent acrylic cover
  • Standard G 1/4″ threaded in/out ports
  • 4-pin / 5 volt addressable RGB LED strip
  • Aluminum back plate for passive cooling on the back of the card

Still holding onto multi-GPU Crossfire setups? That’s o.k. since they’ve designed it with you in mind as well.

Raijintek's New Water Block For 5700 Series GPU's crossfire
Image: Raijintek

Raijintek was founded in 2013 and produces a wide range of products for the PC enthusiast market. Their product line includes radiators, reservoirs, cooling fans, and liquid all-in-one solutions. For those still using air they even offer solutions for both GPU’s and CPU’s. From their website:

” Our task is to provide products – high compatibility, extreme engineering, remarkable performance, amazing design, necessity of demand and multifunctional usage – for high recommendation everywhere to make up your life. “

Price and availability for Raijintek’s new water block have not been announced yet but a comparable model for the 2080TI runs around $122.66 currently.

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  1. Seems kind of a waste to throw high end water cooling at what amounts to a mid-tier GPU…

    Neat, but it’s like putting racing kit on your Corolla.

  2. [QUOTE=”Brian_B, post: 10141, member: 96″]
    Seems kind of a waste to throw high end water cooling at what amounts to a mid-tier GPU…

    Neat, but it’s like putting racing kit on your Corolla.

    Yar, agreed there. I guess maybe sound profile or size restrictions (ie: itx case), but yeah, seems a bit niche of a niche product.

  3. I agree it is a bit of a niche for niche target. Having said that there more than a few AMD enthusiasts out there who like to keep it all team red even though they still don’t have a top tier GPU. Something like this would help squeeze out that last little bit of performance and deal with noise issues, if paired to a decent radiator/fan. Have to say if I had this I’d leave the LED unplugged. I think it looks much nicer when off.

    On a side note. Don’t usually care about branding but Raijintek has some cool duality to it. Saying it in English sounds like “Raging Tech” while in Japanese, Raijin, according to wikipedia, is a reference to a lightning god.

  4. I normally run mid tier gpus and water cool for fun/noise. (Or buy a few gen old high end used, just for the block support) I don’t need top end and the water cooling setup is more fulfilling to me than putting $1000 into a gpu. With gpu prices going to the moon, this may become more common.

    Cooling a 2070 or 2060 puts less strain on a loop when noise is the reason for the loop. A single radiator can happily cool a stock gpu and cpu. I run a single 280mm rad on my ryzen 3600 and 980ti and have better than air temps on both despite only using 2 low rpm fans.

  5. Not exactly why this block is such news.

    EK had blocks available for the 5700 series when they released, they also have disco-lighting at no extra cost.

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