Daily Archives: Feb 11, 2020

Samsung Announces World’s First Smartphone with 16 GB of RAM, the $1400 Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Korean giant unveiled its newest Galaxy phones today, one of which packs a whopping 16 GB of RAM. That's arguably overkill for the average social media app and mobile game.

Activision Blizzard Made NVIDIA Remove Its Entire Game Catalog from GeForce NOW

The cloud-gaming service launched just a week ago, but it's already encountering significant hiccups. Call of Duty, Overwatch, and other ultra-popular titles have been pulled from GeForce NOW.

Aorus Liquid Cooler 360 Gets Reviewed

Over the years cooling options for PC enthusiasts have grown quite a bit. Gigabyte's AORUS division's newest all-in-one is a prime example of some of the latest trends taking place.

Sony Paid $229 Million for Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank Developer Insomniac Games

Sony announced the acquisition on August 19 last year. It isn't clear what compelled Sony to finally buy Insomniac Games, but the massive success of Marvel's Spider-Man might have had something to do with it.

Intel Has a 500-Watt, Multi-Die Xe Graphics Card in the Works, according to Internal Docs

Xe-based GPUs will utilize a multi-die, chiplet-based design. Execution Units haven't been confirmed, but 128 is a plausible number based on a driver leak from last year.

Can AMD’s 64-Core Ryzen Threadripper 3990X Run Crysis? Yes, and without a GPU, No Less

It's been twelve years since Crytek released its legendary first-person shooter, but the endearing meme that Crysis spawned remains relevant to this day - and not just for comedic purposes, it seems.