Altered Carbon 2 Gets Full Trailer Released

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Image from Altered Carbon 2 Full Trailer
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Released almost two years ago in 2018 Altered Carbon became one of Netflix’s biggest endeavors into a cyberpunk type series. They have at long last released a full trailer for season two. Altered Carbon season two will see the main character, Takeshi Kovacs, return in his third incarnation. This time around Marvel veteran Anthony Mackie, who played The Falcon in numerous movies, will take on the role of the main protagonist. Anthony Mackie has also starred in another Netflix science fiction series, Black Mirror.

A little catch up

For those who have not checked this science fiction series out it is set three hundred years in the future in, and of course, in a dystopian type setting. In pure cyberpunk, or Ghost in the Shell, fashion people not only have implants but manufactured bodies as well. In Altered Carbon these bodies are called sleeves. The main character, Kovacs, has existed numerous times and often in a specialized military capacity. Anthony Mackie played Sergeant JT Sanborn in 2008’s well received, The Hurt Locker, providing experience for this type of role. Even though death seems to be overcome in this future the question as to whether or not anyone will, or should, bring you back is a complicated one.

Receiving fairly positive reviews Altered Carbon enabled Netflix to test the waters for a show that has Blade Runner themes. It ranked 68% on the tomato meter and 90% from the audience at Rotten Tomatoes. At IMDb season one ranked 8.1 out of 10 from their users. Erik Kain of Forbes also gave it a ‘terrific‘ rating. As many gamer’s eagerly await the arrival of CD PROJEKT RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 in September this show has a prime spot in 2020 for viewers. February 27th, 2020, will see Netflix’s season two launch.

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