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Swedish hardware maker Fractal Design has announced two new additions to its popular lineup of Define cases, the Define 7 and Define 7 XL. As expected, Fractal hasn’t made any significant changes to the series’s clean and minimal exteriors, but builders will find plenty of nice upgrades on the inside.

The full tower Define 7 XL, which Fractal calls “the most expandable Define case ever,” comprises a chassis design that can be opened up fully for water-cooling and other complex builds (radiators up to 480 mm in front or top and 280 mm in the base are supported). It also comes with plenty of fan mounts and a dual-layout interior for large motherboards up to E-ATX and SSI-EEB, but one of the Define 7 XL’s biggest perks is the amount of storage devices it can house.

Up to 18 HDD/SSDs – plus five additional SSDs – can be mounted in the Storage Layout, which makes it a great option for data hoarders who don’t want to deal with a heavy, loud server rack. Most cases on the market tend to be optimized for around eight HDDs (although users can always squeeze in a few more with bay converters).

The Define 7, its smaller, mid-tower brother, also features an upgraded chassis design that allows users to fully expose its interior. It offers the same number of fan mounts as the Define 7 XL but is limited to motherboards up to 285 mm E-ATX and radiators up to 360 mm in front, 420 mm up top, or 280 mm in the base. Up to 14 HDDs alongside four dedicated SSDs can be housed, which is a bit less than the XL but still impressive.

The Define 7 and the Define 7 XL are available worldwide now for around $169.99 and $209.99, respectively. (Add $10 for the tempered glass versions.)

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  1. I guess I’m glad I got my corsair case before glass was the big thing. My massive side I take fan, dual intake fans in the front and a pop out spot for a big radiator all suite me just fine. I’ve been through three builds so. Far with this case and don’t see that changing until fans start crapping out.

  2. I do need to add if you are going to be hsi g that many drives, SSD or otherwise off of your motherboard take a look at LTT s video on a all sad storage array he was doi g and the performance bottlenecks he ran into. Interest video and it can help keep you from running into the same thing. Personally I would do a 4 SSD raid 10 with a hot spare for 4tb of storage (2 tb SSD drives) then ten SAS disks at 10tb each in a raid five with 1 hot spare for storage. Or two raid fives and 1 hot spare your call with a tiered storage solution. Best ba g for your buck.

    1. That’s kinda their thing though, and it works in my opinion. Their style of understated elegance is what allows my Define Mini from a few years ago to sit among my much newer cases and not look out of place.

  3. Would’ve been cool to see an update to their Nano S or Node 202. Feels like it wasn’t that long ago that the R6 came out, and it felt like every other month they were releasing a revision of the R6.

  4. I’ve always appreciated Fractal Design’s clean designs, but why on Earth are the bothering with mass storage in an era when client storage is diminishing? Spinning rust belongs in storage servers, and pretty much nowhere else in 2020.

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