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In an EPYC turn of events, Intel has announced that it will release a new generation of Xeon Scalable processors. These are “performance and performance-per-dollar-optimized,” which appears to be marketing speak for “lower prices due to encroaching competition.”

Intel says that its new 2nd Gen Xeon Gold processors deliver 1.36 times higher performance and 1.42 times better performance-per-dollar compared to the initial generation. This was accomplished by “adding more cores, increasing cache sizes or by boosting processor frequency.”

“The new processors — labeled with an “R,” “T” or “U” suffix — are designed for dual- and single-socket mainstream and entry-level server systems,” Intel explained. “The addition of more cores and increased cache in these processors are targeted at workloads where capacity-per-server is critical, such as virtualized clouds, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) and network function virtualization (NFV).”

Image: Intel

The Xeon Scalable processor family is also getting two new SKUs, the Xeon Gold 6256 and 6250. These offer a base and turbo frequency of up to 3.9 and 4.5 GHz, which Intel says is the highest in the server chip industry.

“These high-frequency processors are optimized for workloads that scale with clock frequency, such as financial trading, simulation and modeling, high-performance computing, and databases,” noted Intel.

The 2nd Gen Intel Xeon lineup starts at $306 (8-core Xeon Bronze 3206R) and tops out at $3,950 (28-core Xeon Gold 6258R).

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  1. You know what if Intel wanted to win for some expensive CPU’s that I would gladly play for in the enterprise environment. Get me some cores SPECIFICALLY designed to freaking scream through SQL. I want each thread to be equal to 10 normal threads and offer it to me in an 8 core setup so I can slap one or two in a system to replace my 32 core SQL servers and cut my licensing cost to a quarter.

    Instead you’re going to throw more cores at something trying to compete in a market you already lost in. Thanks Intel. Way to show you know what your customers really want.

    Damn man if Intel came out with some specific CPU’s even at 20 grand a pop (per socekt) that gave me 10x per core SQL performance for my jobs I would be a hero for bringing it to my org and proving it out. It would LITERALLY SAVE US TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN SQL LICENSING.

    But instead just throw more cores at it.

    *slow claps*

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