CBS Unveils Plans for Star Trek

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Fresh off the success of ‘Picard‘ ViacomCBS has announced their plans for Star Trek. Launched at the 2nd year anniversary of their streaming service, CBS All Access, it marked the return of Patrick Stewart to the franchise. Too much Star Trek? Not enough Star Trek? Well ViacomCBS is hoping to get it just right with a number of projects in the works. Some previous rumors have been confirmed at their 2019 earnings call. Hearkening back to the days when there were no less than four different series and two generations of movies, we may see a similar recurrence in the coming years.

Star Trek Discovery
Image Credit: ViacomCBS

Discovery and its spin offs

Star Trek Discovery served as the first series to bring Star Trek back to the small screen for CBS All Access. It will also be the source for a least one spin-off and possibly a 2nd as well. Revealing “Captain Pike and the Enterprise” as the next spin off we’ll see Kirk’s predecessor on the bridge. Well received in both Discovery as well as the J.J. Abrams movies this seems likely to take off. He also as a large span of time on the bridge of the enterprise to explore. Giant Freakin Robot has reported on another whose name is not yet confirmed. Michelle Yeoh may be starring in something called Star Trek: Section 31.

Other projects and movie(s)

Entering into a bit of a gray area are other projects. There’s talk of a animated series called Lower Decks. Nickelodeon may also be getting one of their own as well. Since the passing of young actor, Anton Yelchin, and Star Trek Beyond, the movie end of the franchise has seen a rocky road. At one point there were rumors of a fourth installment to the Kelvin universe along with a separate project from Quentin Tarantino. In a recent interview he announced his R-rated project would not be moving forward. During all this much of the cast from the recent movies have admitted not knowing it they’ll be returning for another. ViacomCBS is still planning one. This hasn’t settled the path for the movies though. Latest director Noah Hawley has been rumored to have a different creative plan for the fourth installment. It could be a reboot, it may not exist in the current Kelvin timeline either.

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