GOG’s New Refund Policy Is Better than Steam’s: Up to 30 Days after Purchase, Even If Played

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Image: GOG

GOG is eliminating buyer’s remorse by introducing a new and incredibly generous return policy for those who aren’t happy with how a title runs or plays. Starting today, customers can get a full refund on any game “30 days after purchase, even if it was downloaded, launched, and played.”

That’s a definite improvement over Steam’s policy, which not only limits refunds to within two weeks of purchase, but two hours of playtime. The latter could be a problem for users who run into progression and other major bugs that occur deeper into a game.

Image: GOG

GOG’s new refund policy is ripe for abuse, however, which is why the company has warned customers not to exploit it. “We trust that you’re making informed purchasing decisions and will use this updated voluntary Refund Policy only if something doesn’t work as you expected,” says support.

While there are no strict limits in place, the company would likely deny refunds for any account with a history of abuse.

“Please respect all the time and hard work put into making the games you play and remember that refunds are not reviews. If you finished the game and didn’t like it, please consider sharing your opinion instead. Also, please don’t take advantage of our trust by asking for an unreasonable amount of games to be refunded. Don’t be that person. No one likes that person,” warned GOG.

Let’s see if Steam, Origin, the Epic Games Store, and other storefronts follow suit.

Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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