SK hynix Issues Statement on Fake News Regarding HBM2E Memory and AMD’s “Big Navi” GPU

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Image: AMD

Excitement surrounding AMD and NVIDIA’s next-generation graphics cards are at an all-time high, but SK hynix is warning enthusiasts not to believe everything that’s being reported. The semiconductor giant has been forced to issue a statement regarding recent “news” involving its 3.6 Gbps HBM2E memory and “Big Navi,” AMD’s rumored high-performance GPU.

Earlier this week, a Twitter user named “CyberPunkCat” posted a screen capture containing the alleged specifications for AMD’s upcoming “NVIDIA killer.” It suggested that the GPU would feature 5120 stream processors, 320 texture units, 96 ROPs, 80 compute units, and 12 MB of L2 cache, along with 24 GB of HBM2E memory on a 4,096-bit memory bus with 2,048 GB/s of bandwidth.

Image: CyberPunkCat

While AMD’s next-generation GPU could turn out to be similarly powerful, SK hynix says that the image was “fabricated” and is “factually incorrect.”

“SK hynix hereby announces that the company has not created or distributed such specifications as well as the document asserted to be leaked by an internal source,” the company wrote.

The semiconductor giant also pointed out that some of the text in the screen capture was copied from its news section and bore no significance to the rest of the content.

“Secondly, for those of you who are not familiar with Korean, the text in the document says ‘With Local Communities… 2020 Happiness,’ which is not related to HBM2E development or GPU,” it noted. “Moreover, we found out that this text actually appeared on the main page of our Korean Newsroom as a title for one of our content.”

SK hynix capped their statement off with a stern warning to those who would abuse the company’s name to further their agendas. While the company doesn’t say it outright, these individuals could face legal action.

“Distribution of incorrect or misleading information about us or using the materials on our Newsroom without a prior written consent of SK hynix would be in violation of applicable laws/regulations and/or the Terms of Use of SK hynix’s Newsroom,” the company cautioned.

The CyberPunkCat account was reportedly deleted, but it seems to be back online.

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