NVIDIA Still Moving Forward with GTC 2020

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NVIDIA GTC 2020 Logo
Image Credit: NVIDIA

The recent postponement of the Game Developers Conference, or GDC, has not stopped the GPU Technology Conference, or GTC, from moving forward. Both events are based in California along with the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo. As the Coronavirus continues to spread, and take its toll, NVIDIA is planning on moving forward with GTC 2020.

From NVIDIA’s site:

“NVIDIA is closely monitoring the coronavirus situation, which remains fluid. The health and safety of GTC attendees and exhibitors is our top priority, and we are implementing appropriate precautionary measures.  

GTC remains fully on track and interest levels remain very high. To ensure your health and safety, we are implementing the following precautions, guided by practices set out by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • The use of electrostatic sprayers to disinfect high-traffic areas daily.
  • Frequent disinfection of all common touch areas, including door handles, knobs, and push bars of all meeting rooms, halls, and access points as well as stair railings, escalators, lecterns, microphones, light switches, trash receptacles, elevator buttons, water stations, and bathroom areas.
  • The number of hand sanitizer stations will be significantly increased throughout the convention center.
  • Plus other incremental cleanliness steps, including daily employee pre-shift safety meetings.”

Vice President Americas & Organization Partner at NVIDIA Corporation, Craig Weinstein, spoke with CRN on the matter. He stated that “GTC is definitely on”. Adding that it’s one of their biggest events and they still plan to host it. They will also be working with local hotels and venues for increased hygiene precautions. Expecting to reveal their latest upcoming graphics cards NVIDIA has a lot riding on the event. It has become their staple for big release presentations in recent years as they shifted away from a presence at E3. Planned for March 23-26 the time is getting close for GTC 2020.

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