Seasonic Launches 700, 500, and 450 W PRIME Fanless Power Supplies with 12-Year Warranty

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Image: Seasonic

Seasonic is finally adding new models to its once-lonely PRIME Fanless series.

Joining 2017’s 600 W power supply this week are three new SKUs: the PRIME Fanless TX-700, PRIME PX-500, and PRIME Fanless PX-450. As users might be able to guess, all of these units are whisper quiet thanks to Seasonic’s fanless technology.

“Cooling fans inside the power supply are replaced by passive cooling based on heat dissipation,” says Seasonic. “Silent operation does not only provide a more pleasant working environment but it also results in less power consumption and lower utility bills.”

Image: Seasonic

The PRIME Fanless TX-700 is 80 PLUS Titanium certified, which makes it one of the most efficient PSUs on the market. The certification implies 94 percent efficiency at 50 percent system load.

The PX-500 and PX-450 are 80 PLUS Platinum certified. This is one rank lower, but still impressive on the energy-savings scale: 92 percent efficiency at 50 percent system load.

Every model in the PRIME Fanless family is fully modular. They also come with an impressive 12-year warranty.

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