Batman Prefers American Muscle: Matt Reeves Shares Photos of New Charger-Inspired Batmobile

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Image: Warner Bros.

It appears that Batman has traded in his armored tanks for something that’s a bit more low-key.

Director Matt Reeves has shared photos of what is presumably The Batman’s new Batmobile, and it doesn’t resemble anything that Gotham’s resident crime-fighting billionaire would drive in the modern age. Batman’s new ride is basically a vintage muscle car that’s reminiscent of classics such as Dodge’s 1970 Charger.

If it weren’t for the massive mid-engine, the car would probably fit right in on a typical American highway – which is probably the point. A modified production vehicle would let Robert Pattinson’s Batman move throughout the city without drawing too much attention to himself. The crude design also lines up with the rumor that The Batman explores an earlier portion of the Dark Knight’s career.

Image: Warner Bros.
Image: Warner Bros.

Unfortunately for Reeves, a lot of fans seem to hate it and are calling it a downgrade from the intimidating, tank-like designs that were popularized by Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder’s films, as well as the Arkham games. It does look like a lot more thought was put into the Tumbler (The Dark Knight Trilogy) and the last Batmobile we saw (Batman v. Superman).

What’s also curious is how Pattinson’s Batmobile could survive a hit from an SUV, truck, or other heavy vehicle. That fancy, exposed mid-engine doesn’t look like it would do so well in a rear-end collision.

We’ll find out how tough the vehicle really is when The Batman hits theaters in June 25, 2021.

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