Seasonic’s Connect PSU Eliminates Cable Clutter by Moving Connectors Behind the Motherboard

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Image: Seasonic

Power supplies are notorious for their cable jungles, but that problem could be coming to an end thanks to Seasonic’s latest innovation.

The company has launched its first Connect PSU, which consolidates all of its power connectors into a single, sexy backplane. This is mounted vertically behind the motherboard using magnets, hiding what would normally be an unsightly mess of cables.

Image: Seasonic

“During installation we only need to use two cables from the power supply to power the CONNECT,” Seasonic explains. “While the power supply itself supports the +12 V, -12 V and +5 Vsb rails, the CONNECT converts this power to provide the +3.3 V and +5 V outputs from the +12 V rail.”

The PSU itself is a Seasonic PRIME 750 W that’s 80 PLUS Gold certified. It features a hybrid fan control design, which means that its 135 mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan won’t spin up until 40 percent load.

The backplane also comes with a light-up logo, which is an interesting addition for the company. Could Seasonic RGB PSUs be on the way?

Tsing Mui
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