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It’s only been a year since Reggie Fils-Aimé retired from his position at Nintendo of America, but apparently, he loves the gaming industry too much to stay away.

GameStop has appointed Reggie Fils-Aimé – and two other executives, William Simon and James Symancyk – to its Board of Directors. They face the monumental task of figuring out how to make the struggling video-game retail chain relevant again.

“The Board refreshment and governance enhancements announced today represent an important milestone in GameStop’s transformation as we continue to evolve the Company’s business strategy for long-term success,” said GameStop CEO George Sherman.

“We are pleased to welcome Reggie, Bill and J.K. to the Board. They are each highly qualified and bring significant, relevant experience to our turnaround. We look forward to immediately benefiting from their expertise and perspectives as we navigate the evolving gaming and retail environments, execute on our strategic initiatives and prepare the Company to maximize value-creation associated with the next generation of console launches later this year.”

Well, if there’s anyone who can save GameStop, it’s probably Reggie. The man has a ton of sales and marketing expertise, having quadrupled Nintendo’s revenue from 2005 to 2010. Aimé was also the one in charge during the launch of the Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch – all of which have been pretty successful.

That said, GameStop’s survival may ultimately require a wish from a magical genie. Digital sales have essentially stomped out physical disks, and on a general note, there’s plenty of other outlets for hardware and game-related purchases.

Reggie’s retirement from Nintendo seemed like an ideal way to cap off a successful career, so this is an interesting decision.

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  1. Not sure what he can do… Not sure if his vision would be adult oriented or kids oriented…. Actually kids oriented can make a whole lot of sense.

  2. I think Gamestop… wait let me google something.

    Ok Gamestop is going to declare bankruptcy no doubt. Under that protection they will be able to shed some creditors and obligations. The issue is they have stores that sill have a brisk business but when walking into a game stop feels like a kids version of a pawn shop then you have issues.

    And make no mistake… that is what Gamestop is. Hell they don’t even carry but a token of computer games back when computer games were still selling in boxes.

    Sorry I got off track here. Gamestop is going to have to spin off a different brand and a different feeling location on order to survive. That’s what blockbuster did and they still have a few toe holds into communities with their other video store chain Movie Trading Co.

    Other than that I think the Gamestop brand itself is DOA and this new CEO is just getting a paycheck while it all falls apart.

  3. Ah damnit Reggie, just couldn’t stay in retirement huh? Well good luck ol buddy. Not sure what you’ll be able to accomplish over there. Shame you gotta be associated with GameStop now, but apparently your body was ready for a new challenge.

  4. Pivot gamestop to fill some of the void left from toysrus. Smaller sq footage, but a fun enough place for kids to want to go, and encourage customer engagement so people play with and buy stuff.

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