Citing public health uncertainties, NVIDIA has announced that it will no longer deliver a webcast keynote as part of this year’s GPU Technology Conference, which was recently turned into a digital-only event.

Whatever CEO Jensen Huang has to say will be presented the old-fashion way – presumably as articles on NVIDIA’s Newsroom page and/or press releases sent via email.

“The company will, instead, issue on Tuesday, March 24, news announcements that had been scheduled to be shared in the keynote,” a newsroom post said. “This will be followed by an investor call with NVIDIA founder and Chief Executive Officer Jensen Huang, which will be accessible to other listeners.”

A copy of the call, which will begin at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET, will be made available on once it concludes.

“The company believes that continuing public health uncertainties would challenge its ability to produce and deliver a digital keynote,” wrote NVIDIA, but other events will go on as planned. These include “webinars, recorded talks and panels, research posters, trainings, and Connect with Experts sessions available starting Wednesday, March 25.”

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  1. I’m glad this virus is being taken seriously. Its time for telecommunication to shine too. I does suck the very real economic impact, but the more aggressively this thing is slowed down the less the economic impact even though it seems the other way around. Fingers crossed this shit becomes nothing but a very slow burn until a vaccine can catch up a 12 to 18 months ( hopefully less with hyper aggressive trials) .

  2. Yea, why share the stage with everyone else delivering news via a GTC link. Do your own and own that mind share as best you can. This move makes complete sense.

    I for one like going to my conference every other year or so (Vmworld) but the idea of being around 30 thousand other tech nerds for a week right now isn’t all that appealing as it would normally be.

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