Capcom Releasing Resident Evil 3 Raccoon City Demo on March 19 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

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Image: Capcom

Capcom has revealed that a Resident Evil 3 “Raccoon City Demo” will be hitting the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Thursday, March 19th. Based on the trial’s name, players should expect to play an early portion of the game that involves Jill Valentine trying to escape the confines of a zombie-infested Raccoon City.

Featuring a slice of the full game that launches on April 3rd, you’ll step into the shoes of Jill Valentine as she attempts to make a desperate escape from Raccoon City as it rapidly descends into chaos. While there’s a bit more focus on action in Resident Evil 3 compared to last year’s Resident Evil 2, you won’t want to go in guns blazing – it may be a demo, but you’ll need to conserve your ammo and items if you want to stand a chance of surviving.

An open beta for Resident Evil Resistance is also planned for March 27. This is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that’s included with Resident Evil 3, pitting four survivors against one evil “Mastermind.”

Take on the role of a Survivor as part of a team of four trying to escape from a twisted experiment designed to push them to their limits. If you’re feeling sinister, take control as a Mastermind, watching the Survivors progress through cameras as you attempt to thwart their escape by placing traps and creatures while manipulating the environment to your advantage.

Resident Evil 3 is currently available to pre-order on Steam. Doing so will grant the Classic Costume Pack, which lets players dress Jill and Carlos up in their outfits from the 1998 original.

Image: Capcom
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