Doom Eternal Reviews Begin to Appear on the Internet and Most Agree, It’s Good

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With three days to go until Doom Eternal’s launch the review embargo’s have been lifted. Across the internet they can be found and overall most are in agreement that it is a good, possibly great, game. It was only a couple of months ago that lead programmer Billy Khan laid claim to it being the best game they have ever made. Some might say great, while some are a little beyond middle of the road. In this rather stressful time it is likely there is more than a few people looking forward to unloading some ammo, and stress, in blowing things up. Presently only the single player campaign is available with multiplayer arriving on release day. Without further adieu let’s dig into some of the early reviews.

Early Single Player Campaign Reviews

  • PCGamesN: 9 out of 10. Their review title pretty much says it all with “purifying, cathartic violence”. They begin with concerns over the success of 2016’s version but go into detail how it is unfounded.
  • PC Gamer: 94 out of 100. A quick synopsis of being anxious and exhausting. Some points for tediousness but also extravagant violence. In the end stating how incredibly demanding this game is on the user. Prepare for sensory overload.
  • Gamesradar+: 3.5 of 5 stars. Claims it “screams at you to move faster, fight harder. . .nothing but obey”. More praise for the games visuals and how id Software has continued insanely fast paced shooters. Some similar complaints about the tedious nature of ‘platforming’ style quests.
  • Gamespot: 8 out of 10. A cascade of mayhem. Also focuses on the intense pace of the game and level design. Puzzles do require players to analysis.
  • Polygon: Polygon Recommends. Dance with the devil. Something many may need- a funny, playful, welcome break. The game is a simple guilty pleasure. Not giving much interest in the cutscenes as the game just overpowers their presence.
  • IGN: Calls it one of the best shooter campaign in years. A single player 15+ hour campaign at that. Gives praise that a mid level rig with an i5 processor paired with a RTX 2060 can easily provide a great experience.

Overall it can be seen, and said, the id Software probably has another hit on their hands. This is no small achievement as many have awaited this follow up. Fans of the franchise, who liked the 2016 iteration, will have even more demons to shred.

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