Feeling Nauseous? Guerrilla Games Says Horizon Zero Dawn Won’t Have an FOV Slider on PC

Image: Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games has revealed that the Steam version of Horizon Zero Dawn won’t have an FOV slider. That’s a huge problem for PC gamers, who traditionally sit closer to their displays and would prefer not to get motion sickness or nausea from cramped fields of view.

Image: Guerrilla Games

Here’s Guerrilla’s admission, which can be found on the Steam forums:

We will add several ways to customize your settings for Horizon Zero Dawn for PC. However, we feel that changing the FOV compromises the original Horizon Zero Dawn experience and visual style too much, so you will not be able to change this.

It’s an interesting omission, being that Horizon Zero Dawn will support ultra-wide resolutions. How nauseating is that going to be?

Hopefully, someone steps up and makes a mod or .ini tweak that can force a different field of view – assuming there isn’t some kind of technical limitation there, which there could very well be.

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