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If you haven’t had a chance to check out Star Trek: Picard yet, now would be the perfect time, as CBS is giving away a free month of its All Access streaming service.

Patrick Stewart revealed the news today while drumming up interest for the show’s season finale, which debuts Thursday (3/26) – all users have to do is enter a promotional code (or follow Stewart’s link).

“Our #StarTrekPicard season finale is Thursday, and starting today until 4/23, you can watch for free on @CBSAllAccess in the US with the code: GIFT,” Stewart tweeted. “It’s felt good to bring Picard back. I can’t wait to reunite with our cast and crew for Season 2.”

Reception to Star Trek: Picard has been polarizing – at least, among long-time fans of the franchise – but CBS has already renewed the show for a second season, which will comprise another 10 episodes. No release date has been given, but expect the first episode in January.

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  1. Thanks @tsing for posting this. Will probably finally break down and give CBS a shot so we can binge some new Trek this weekend.

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