Image: Warner Bros.

Diana Prince fans will have to wait a little longer for the iconic female superhero’s return to the silver screen. Per Variety, Warner Bros. has decided to delay Wonder Woman 1984 from its original June 5 release date to August 14.

“When we greenlit ‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ it was with every intention to be viewed on the big screen and are excited to announce that Warner Bros. Pictures will be bringing the film to theatres on Aug. 14,” Toby Emmerich, Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairman, said in a statement. “We hope the world will be in a safer and healthier place by then.”

Some studios have opted to release their blockbusters early via other on-demand channels, but that doesn’t seem likely for Wonder Woman 1984. This is a major superhero tentpole that cost Warner Bros. more than $180 million to make, so an advanced digital release – and the inevitable piracy – would greatly reduce its potential earnings.

AMC and Regal theaters remain closed because of the coronavirus. The former said that it would shutter for up to 12 weeks.

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  1. [QUOTE=”Burticus, post: 11322, member: 297″]
    Some would pay cash money to have Gal Gadot hold them up like that.

    I won’t lie, I probably would


  2. I’m not surprised by the delay. Heck if they released it for secure streaming via a gaming streaming service. (like Nvidia now) and charged a family 100 bucks to steam the movie they would still make money on it. Because a family of 4 going to the movies is going to clear a hundred bucks pretty quick these days.

  3. [QUOTE=”Burticus, post: 11322, member: 297″]
    Some would pay cash money to have Gal Gadot hold them up like that.

    Damn right I would.

    Also, I suspect a lot of movies will get postponed in the coming months due to COVID-19.

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