Microsoft Climbs to 2nd Place in Popularity with New Chromium Based Edge Browser

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New Microsoft Edge Logo
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The battle for web browser supremacy continues. Google’s Chrome, the long reigning world’s most popular browser, still does not need to worry about being in 2nd place. Other contenders, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Microsoft’s Edge, continue to trade blows. Something that they both share, however, is that each have undergone significant changes in the last year or two.

Microsoft’s Edge initially launched as a replacement for the aging, but not forgotten, Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer initially brought Microsoft into the modern age of the internet in August 1995. The final version, Internet Explorer 11, was released in 2013. Two years later Edge would replace it as the default browser for Windows 10. During that span of twenty years other browsers would come and go. In particular, though, two would rise to challenge MS for being the most popular.

Along the way Mozilla would release numerous web browsers. Eventually leading to Firefox becoming a new heavy weight contender hit the web browsing community in 2003. By 2010 it managed to become the number one browser for users in Europe. Security and privacy features have played a major role in its adoption. Google’s Chrome entered the ring in 2008. Called “A fresh take on the browser” it too focused on security with its ‘sandbox’ approach. Firefox’s stay at the top would be short lived though. In 2011 Chrome would quickly ascend to the number one spot. Chrome continues to hold that spot with a whopping 68.5% of market share in the world.

Enter the Chromium based Edge

MS originally intended Edge to replace IE. Things do not always go according to plan though. From resistance to Windows 10 to a slow adoption rate it did not gain significant traction. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took a step in a new direction and met with Google in 2017. In an interview with The Verge details emerge how MS would adopt Chromium. Enter 2020 and the new Chromium-Based Edge gets officially released. The new maker-over has payed off. since It has just narrowly overtaken Firefox for 2nd place. Here’s the breakdown of the top five from Net Marketshare for the month of March 2020.

  1. Chrome at 68.50%
  2. Edge at 7.59%
  3. Firefox at 7.19%
  4. Internet Explorer at 5.87%
  5. Safari at 3.62%
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