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Capcom has published a new online survey that seems to be gauging interest in whether or not it should continue developing remakes of its classic Resident Evil titles, such as Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, or show some actual originality with a Resident Evil 8 (which is probably already deep into development) or other mainline follow-up.

The survey actually starts off with a bunch of mundane questions, but on the final page, Capcom asks the following: 1) If a new remake title of “Resident Evil” series is released, would you like to purchase?, and 2) If a sequel of “Resident Evil” series is released, would you like to purchase?

The intent of these inquiries is pretty obvious, though the answers also suggest that Capcom is trying to figure out whether the Resident Evil franchise is strong enough to be a system seller (i.e., “I will purchase the game even if I had to buy a new console).

Capcom is also querying survey takers into what Resident Evil games they’ve played before, which comprises the original Resident Evil all the way up to Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. The results of this question will probably help decide what the next remake is.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to put in a custom answer, such as Dino Crisis

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  1. I’ve got all three of the recent REs. Never played the originals but I do wonder if the original RE:3 was that short? Visually speaking though, gotta say it looked great. I’ll take the survey but mainly because I’d like to see the franchise keep going. Mixed on the remakes but it’s nice to play with modern engines/textures/etc.

    I’m planning on getting RE8, in whatever incarnation(s) it ends up being, but at this point even that seems like it may have a troubled future.

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