Popularity of GeForce RTX 2060 Appears to Be Steadily Increasing Based on Steam’s Hardware Survey


Steam’s March 2020 hardware (and software) survey suggests that NVIDIA is selling quite a bit of its GeForce RTX 2060 cards, which offers some of the company’s latest gaming technologies (e.g., ray tracing) at a commendable price ($299). Since February, the card increased in popularity by 0.53 percent – which is a relatively big jump compared to how other cards fared. (The RTX 2070 and RTX 2070 SUPER’s adoption grew by 0.33 and 0.28 percent, respectively.)

There’s some interesting stuff on the CPU side of things, too. While AMD’s Ryzen series is receiving most of the hype these days, Steam’s hardware survey is showing an obvious increase in Intel usage for the month of March, from 78.2 percent to 81.3 percent. The working theory is that a lot of older hardware, which use blue team’s chips, are being fired up by quarantined folks.

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