The Latest Version of Firefox Comes With a Huge, Revamped Address Bar That Few People Seem to Like

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Image: Mozilla

Mozilla released Firefox 75 yesterday, which comes with a newly designed address bar that’s supposed to help people search smarter and faster than ever before. Per the release notes:

  • Focused, clean search experience that’s optimized for smaller laptop screens
  • Top sites now appear when you select the address
  • Improved readability of search suggestions with a focus on new search terms
  • Suggestions include solutions to common Firefox issues
  • On Linux, the behavior when clicking on the Address Bar and the Search Bar now matches other desktop platforms: a single click selects all without primary selection, a double click selects a word, and a triple click selects all with primary selection
Image: Mozilla

Unfortunately, a lot of users already hate it because it’s huge and takes up quite a bit of screen space, blocking a good portion of the viewport and bookmarks toolbar. The revamped address bar also automatically expands the second a user clicks on it in order to show their most visited sites, which can be annoying.

Luckily, you can revert back to the original with just a few tweaks. Simply type about:config in the address bar, locate the following entries, and switch them to “false.”

  • browser.urlbar.openViewOnFocus
  • browser.urlbar.update1
  • browser.urlbar.update1.interventions
  • browser.urlbar.update1.searchTips
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