Manga Artist Sparks Hope that a Different Kind of Silent Hills Project Might Be in Development

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Snapshot from Silent Hills Trailer
Image Credit: Konami

Barely a month, or week, go by these days without another Silent Hills Rumor. At this rate many fans could be wondering why Konami has not taken the hint to just announce a release already. Shooting down rumors is going to become a full-time job for someone until they do. From soft reboots, to trailers for unreleased games, to potential movies, there have been a lot of them. The latest spark to ignite this kindling comes via horror manga artist Suehiro Maruo. The following images created the newest questions regarding a revival.

Suehiro Maruo Silent Hills Invitation
Image Credit: Suehiro Maruo

These images could point to multiple projects, or none at all. Silent Hills was a project that never got beyond a trailer. Originally involving Hideo Kohima and Guillermo Del Toro it quickly gained attention. Released in 2014 it was believed to be the ninth installment of the franchise. Kojima would leave in 2015 which seemingly brought this project to its end. It is also possible this could be a lead up to a manga project. Suehiro Maruo is a horror manga artist. Such an endeavor could be easily envisioned with his talents. Here is his home page. Perhaps Silent Hills is not fully dead. Consultations from specialists are common when working on designs or in development stages. It is all still speculation but Konami has its hands full these days with so many watching.

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