The New Mutants
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The film adaptation for The New Mutants has had a rocky road to release. The project signed director Josh Boone in 2015. Come 2017 things were moving along and filming began in Massachusetts. Shortly after this everything would go sideways for the superhero horror film. Initially planned for April 2018 a trailer was released.

For Disney Marvel based superhero movies things have been mostly a sure bet for releases. Even their smaller projects often have impressive revenue numbers such as seen with Captain Marvel and Black Panther. Their partner studios, however, have not always enjoyed similar successes. Both Sony and 20th Century Fox each have seen their own challenges in the modern superhero era. Sony would eventually sign deals with Disney to include Spider-Man in the Disney MCU. For 20th Century Fox things have been a mixed bag. On one hand they have had immense success with Deadpool. Deadpool also proved that you can make a blockbuster R rated superhero franchise. On the other hand the 2015 attempted reboot of Fantastic Four was not so well received.

The Past

In the midst of all this The New Mutants began its journey and tribulations. Around the time their first trailer was released multiple rumors began to surface. One revolved around potential re-shoots to add more a more horror element to it. At this point stories about Disney merging 20th Century Fox began to surface. Ultimately the project would be pushed back to August 2019. This delay would not be the first or last. The merger would indeed happen in March of 2019. The next push back would be to April 3rd, 2020. A new official trailer accompanied this announcement in January.

The Present and Future

As with most things on the planet the current pandemic came into play right after. Theaters would get shutdown. Another release date was missed. This time, however, fans are now rallying Disney to simply release it to their Disney+ streaming service. One content creator on YouTube has made claims that Disney is planning to release it there this summer.

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  1. They should just port it direct to streaming. It’s been in limbo for years. It will be weird to see “young” Arya again.

  2. It’s totally ironic. Some sites are reporting the cast is ramping up for Comic-Con. Meanwhile, theaters are still closed and this movie hasn’t seen the light of day. They ought to just cut a deal to release it on HBO-Max since that’s where the last Fox stuff went and they wouldn’t need to worry about the material being to controversial for Disney+.

  3. [QUOTE=”Burticus, post: 11584, member: 297″]
    They should just port it direct to streaming. It’s been in limbo for years. It will be weird to see “young” Arya again.

    Yea actually you have a good point. The movie has been in limbo so long I kind of worry if any special effects will seem dated. Or maybe they will pull a sonic the hedgehog and go back and fix it?

  4. Sounds like Disney could’ve saved themselves from some grief if they had released this to streaming. Reviews are not good so far and most are saying they should have.

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