Lian Li’s New Motorized Standing Desk Doubles As a Gigantic PC Case That Can Fit Two E-ATX Setups

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Image: Lian Li

If you’re in the market for a standing desk and a new PC case, Lian Li can help you kill two birds with one stone with its latest announcement, the DK-05F and DK-04F. These are motorized standing desks that double as massive PC cases – the former can actually fit not one, but two E-ATX setups.

Both of these desks are packed with features, which include a top glass panel that can be switched between transparent and opaque modes with the push of a button. Their sheer size also allows for extremely intricate air-cooled and water-cooled setups, as well as various storage layouts.

Meanwhile, a panel above the height controller allows users to quickly adjust fan settings, change the appearance of the glass, and manage seven RGB lighting modes. Lian Li hasn’t released any pricing information yet (its previous desks started at around $1,000), but they’ll be available beginning on April 16.

“Redefine High-End and Luxury with New DK-05F,” wrote Lian Li. “With the all-new features – dual system compatibility, more space for massive components and the high-end switchable glass, building a dream PC has never been this easy.”

Edit: 4/16/2020 – The desks are now available for pre-order over on NewEgg

DK-04F at $1499

DK-05F at $2000

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