Would You Buy a Lenovo Motherboard? Company Reportedly Entering Market Under Its Gaming Brand, Legion

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Image: scholar/Lenovo

Chinese computer manufacturing giant Lenovo may be entering the motherboard market. That’s according to a couple of photos that have surfaced on China’s Weibo forums, which show two motherboards with the “Legion” label – the company’s gaming brand.

“Photos of two motherboards surfaced, a model with a 300 Series chipset for current Coffee Lake processors and yeah, a model with a 400 Series chipset (B460) for Comet Lake-S,” Guru3D reported. “The products do not loom half bad either, with 8+2 power phases, VRM heatsinks ( NCP81228MNTXG-1-GP Upper MOS: PK6H6BA-GP Lower MOS: PK650BA-GP 4 + 8pin input 200w + stable power supply) with the Legion inscription, and double M.2 with heatsink included, which also have Legion written on its surface.”

Now, it’s entirely possible that these images were Photoshopped, as the placements of the Legion logos seem extremely simple and gaudy. The motherboards also appear to lean more toward generic, budget-oriented consumer boards instead of gaming products.

Lenovo’s “Legion Gaming” brand comprises an extensive lineup of products ranging from laptops and desktops to computer accessories, such as mouse pads. The company also sells gaming consoles and VR headsets through the gaming section of its web store.

Tsing Mui
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