NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Announces Raises Instead of Lay-Offs In Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of people on the unemployment line, but job security appears to be better than ever at NVIDIA. In a letter to employees, CEO Jensen Huang said that he wouldn’t be laying anyone off. In fact, everyone would be getting raises instead.

“There is no layoff,” Huang wrote. “The work we do in graphics, science, AI, and robotics is more vital to the future than ever. The products we offer are addressing urgent needs. Stay-at-home is driving PC sales. Remote design and collaboration technologies are needed. Gaming is replacing other entertainment and hitting record levels. The shift from physical to digital will further accelerate cloud computing use. Interest in robotics is surging to automate tasks where workers feel unsafe – from automatic retail checkout and warehouse robots to autonomous mobile disinfecting robots. And in healthcare, diagnostic instruments and scientific computing are in high demand as the industry looks for ways to contain and mitigate the impact of this virus.”

You can check out Huang’s full letter here, which also notes NVIDIA’s contributions toward a potential coronavirus vaccine. In addition to general computing power, the company is offering Parabricks – a GPU-accelerated genomic processing engine – free of charge to researchers in academia, government, cloud, and supercomputing centers.

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