Cooler Master Releases MASTERLIQUID ML240L V2 RGB Dual Chamber Pump with Enlarged Radiator

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Image Credit: Cooler Master

Cooler Master has announced the latest version of their Masterliquid dual chamber pumps. This design is something that they have been refining since 2016. The idea is to increase the cooling potential, efficiency, and pump lifespan, by isolating the cold plate in its own chamber. This new pump is their 3rd generation design. It also features improved design on the internal impeller and housing.

Cooler Master Dual Chamber Pump Expanded View
Image Credit: Cooler Master

They did not stop there with the improvements either. They have enlarged the surface area of the radiator by 20% in order further increase the cooling potential. It also features reinforced sealing for anti-leaking prevention using Formulated Industrial Grade EPDM. Those not enamored by overflowing RGB visual onslaughts may appreciate the lessened lighting on the pump as well. The RGB implementation is compatible with most major motherboard brands. Some listed on the site are ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI, and ASRock. It is available with either 120 mm or 240 mm radiator sizes. Fan cooling is provided via their new sickleflow 120 RGB fan(s). One fan for the 120 mm radiator or two for the 240 mm radiator.

Image Credit: Cooler Master


  • CPU: SOCKETLGA2066, LGA2011-v3, LGA2011, LGA1151, LGA1150, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1366, AM4, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2, FM2+, FM2, FM1
  • Radiator Material: Aluminum
  • PUMP MTTF: 70,000 Hours
  • PUMP Noise Level: <15 dBA
  • Power Connector: 3-Pin
  • Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • # of Fan(s): 1 for the ML120L and 2 for the ML240L
  • Speeds of Fans: 650-1800 RPM ± 10%
  • Pressure, Airflow, Noise Levels for Fans: 2.5 mmH₂O (Max) (mmH2O), 62 CFM(Max), 8-27 dBA
  • Life expectancy of Fans: 160,000 Hours
  • Power Connector: 4-Pin(PWM)
  • TDP: 200 W
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Currently this AIO is listed for $79.99 on Amazon. The FPS Review may receive a commission for any purchases using this link.

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