Epic Games Store Will No Longer Allow Users to Claim Free Games Unless Two-Factor Authentication Is Enabled

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Image: Epic Games Store

From now until May 21, Epic Games Store users will have to enable two-factor authentication before claiming free games. The decision was made to encourage customers to strengthen their account security.

While some companies have mandated 2FA as a crafty way of getting phone numbers, that doesn’t seem to be the case here, as the Epic Games Store allows verification codes to be sent via email. Users who don’t have two-factor authentication enabled will see the following message when attempting to claim a free game:

Two Factor Authentication Required

Claiming this free game requires you to have Two-Factor Authentication setup on your account. Two-Factor Authentication provides an additional level of security to your Epic Games account and will help prevent unauthorized access.

“In order to enable two-factor authentication, please head over to your Epic Games Account settings,” explains Epic Games. “Two-factor authentication can be used to help protect your account from unauthorized access by requiring you to enter a security code when you sign in. You can read a full how-to guide on enabling two-factor authentication here.”

Users can confirm that their 2FA is set up correctly by grabbing this week’s freebie, IronOak Games’s strategy, turn-based combat title For The King. “Each playthrough is unique with procedural maps, quests, and events,” the description reads. “Explore Fahrul in either single player, local, or online co-op.”

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