Intel Addresses 2.5 GbE Network Controller Bug That Would Have Reduced Speeds in Z490 Motherboards

Image: Intel

Intel has released a statement in response to today’s coverage surrounding its I225-V “Foxville” 2.5 GbE network controller, which will be utilized in the company’s upcoming 400-series (e.g., Z490) motherboards. According to an advisory spotted by XFastest and hardwareLUXX, the controller contained a bug that resulted in some pretty bad packet loss – enough to reduce network speeds by as much as 10 Mb/s.

Initial reports claimed that the problem wouldn’t be fixed until the second half of 2020 with the release of Rocket Lake-S, but luckily, Intel has clarified that a corrected version of the controller had already entered production. Many manufacturers have confirmed that their motherboards will feature I225-V “v2,” which will operate as intended.

Image: Intel

“Intel is committed to delivering the highest levels of product quality and has already corrected the issue in the latest production version of the silicon. I225 v2 is already in production,” the company told Wccftech. “We identified an IEEE spec variance in the Intel Ethernet Controller I225 that results in performance degradation when paired with some 2.5GbE switches and routers. Consumers experiencing this issue should ensure they have the latest software driver and associated firmware installed and can refer to for compatible switches and routers to ensure 2.5Gb/s connectivity.”

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