ASRock Launches Industry’s First ATX12VO Motherboard, the Z490 Phantom Gaming 4SR

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Image: ASRock

It isn’t clear how quickly Intel’s new power standard will be adopted by builders, but ASRock has gone ahead and dived right in with its Z490 Phantom Gaming 4SR – the world’s first ATX12VO (12-volt only) motherboard. Unlike the traditional 12V spec, ATX12VO calls for new PSUs that utilize a single 12V rail, with 3.3V and 5V responsibilities (e.g., powering storage drives) shifted over to the motherboard. The result, Intel claims, is a reduction in idle power by as much as 27 percent.

These design changes are easily spotted on ASRock’s Z490 Phantom Gaming 4SR. The 24-pin power connector has been replaced by a 10-pin one, while small, square-shaped 4-pin connectors for SATA devices have been added. There’s also an extra 6-pin PCIe power connector.

Image: ASRock

“A single rail power supply design is one answer to help OEMs reduce desktop PC idle power and meet the new government regulations,” wrote Intel. “For years there have been custom single rail power supply designs. But until Intel created the ATX12VO design and publicly shared it, there was no industry standard to help PC-makers reduce the energy desktop systems use when idling.”

“We’re extremely delighted to co-develop this revolutionary motherboard — Z490 Phantom Gaming 4SR — with Intel. This new design is able to improve power efficiency of the PC and meet new energy regulations. We believe the new ATX12VO will be the solution for the next generation of personal computer,” says Chris Lee, general manager of ASRock Motherboard BU.

Intel says that it’s working with FSP, High Power, Channel Well Technology, and Corsair to bring more ATX12VO power supplies to market. ASRock’s Z490 Phantom Gaming 4SR should be available starting next month.

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