ASRock Sidesteps Intel with Base Frequency Boost Technology, Bringing Overclocking to Non-K Series CPUs

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Image: ASRock

There could be a storm brewing between Intel and ASRock. While the former’s K-series Core processors are specially binned and designed for overclocking, ASRock believes that privilege should be extended to other SKUs and has developed a technology allowing users to do just that. A new “Base Frequency Boost” (BFB) feature will enable overclocking on non-K-series chips and the company’s non-Z-series Intel 400 series motherboards.

Image: ASRock

“The technology will allegedly increase the TDP of the processor to the maximum PL1 value, which would therefore as a result, increase the frequency of the processor,” VideoCardz reported. “The slide reveals that 65W TDP CPUs will operate as if they were configured at 125W.”

“The non-K series are officially ‘locked’ CPUs for overclocking, hence this technology could bring a drastic shift in Intel’s approach to product positioning. Intel has not confirmed overclockability for non-K processors in the official slides that leaked 2 days ago.”

Leaked photos of MAXSUN’s mid-range B460 iCraft motherboard have also alluded to the expansion of overclocking features beyond flagship products – one image depicts what appears to be buttons for overclocking. We can only presume that Intel is on board with these changes, perhaps to better compete with AMD’s leniency (overclocking is fully supported on B450 motherboards).

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