Not a Fan of EA’s Star Wars Battlefront Games? Check Out the Original, Which Now Has Online Multiplayer on Steam

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Image: Pandemic Studios

It’s been nearly 16 years since the original Star Wars Battlefront (2004) was released, but Pandemic Studios’s beloved take on the franchise received a surprise update on Steam today: online multiplayer support. This is a great opportunity for fans to revisit the classic title, especially for those who haven’t been keen on EA’s efforts, which have been thoroughly criticized for pay-to-win mechanics (i.e., loot boxes) and an overwhelming amount of game modes.

In addition to online multiplayer support, new language options (i.e., French, Italian, German, Spanish) and audio support have been added to the 2004 game. A number of menu and gameplay issues for a number of different screen sizes have also been addressed.

If you don’t own Star Wars Battlefront yet, you can get it right now for 50 percent off ($4.99) as part of Steam’s ongoing May the 4th Be With You/Star Wars Day promotion. Plenty of other great Star Wars games, such as Fallen Order, are also on sale.

STAR WARS™ Battlefront is an action/shooter game that gives fans and gamers the opportunity to re-live and participate in all of the classic Star Wars battles like never before. Players can select one of a number of different soldier types, jump into any vehicle, man any turret on the battlefront and conquer the galaxy planet-by-planet online with their friends or offline in a variety of single player modes. Single player modes include “Instant Action”, “Galactic Conquest” and the story-based “Historical Campaigns” mode that lets gamers experience all of the epic Star Wars battles from Episodes I-VI, fighting from the perspective of each of the four factions within the game.

Fight as a soldier on the front lines where every weapon and vehicle you see is yours. Take the Empire head on or crush the Rebellion – by yourself or with an army behind you.

  • Pick your side – Rebels, Imperials, clone troopers or battle droids.
  • Choose your weapons wisely – each soldier has different weapons and capabilities.
  • Battle on unique planets from the entire Star Wars saga.
  • Pilot over 30 vehicles including AT-ATs, X-Wings and Snowspeeders.
  • Fight up to 32 players in massive online battles!
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