Intel and Raja Koduri Tease Massive “Father of All” Xe HP GPU with Tens of Billions of Transistors

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Image: Intel

It appears that Intel has, quite literally, huge plans for its newest graphics architecture. The company posted a photo of what’s believed to be an Xe HP GPU yesterday, and it’s positively massive – even bigger than an AMD EPYC chip, apparently. Intel said that the GPU comprises “tens of billions of transistors,” which was later echoed by graphics lead Raja Koduri.

“The first GPU with IEEE FP32 support I worked on was in 2005,” he tweeted. “321M transistors and 32 FP32 Ops/clk. GPU compute density increases continue to be a shining point for Moore’s law. Tens of billions of transistors and tens of thousands of ops/clk.”

Koduri also mentioned that the Xe HP chip was being referred to internally as the “baap” (Hindu/Urdu for “father”) of all GPUs. While that alludes to an already beastly level of performance, a follow-up statement suggests that something even bigger is cooking.

“Baahubali is a term that essentially means ‘one who has strength in this arms’ if used as a noun,” Wccftech explained. “The word ‘Baahu’ means arms and ‘bali’ means strength. In this case, however, it might actually be used to refer to the superhero/epic film that Raja was involved in. In other words, and in a context that our readers will understand – Raja just referred to a GPU under design, a GPU that will succeed ‘the father of all’ GPU as the ‘Superman of All’ GPU.”

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