Jango Fett Actor Temuera Morrison to Play Boba Fett in the Second Season of DIsney’s The Mandalorian

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His character’s head may have been lopped off by a purple lightsaber in Episode II, but thanks to his role as a clone progenitor, Temuera Morrison is returning to the Star Wars franchise for more bounty-hunting fun. The New Zealand actor, who originally played Jango Fett in 2004’s Attack of the Clones, will be starring as his character’s infamous “son” – Boba Fett – in The Mandalorian’s second season.

“Sources say Morrison will play Boba Fett, the famed bounty hunter who first appeared on the big screen in 1980’s Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and who seemingly died in 1983’s Return of the Jedi as he fell into a sarlacc pit,” wrote The Hollywood Reporter. “Actor Jeremy Bulloch portrayed the character in the original trilogy.”

“In Attack of the Clones, one of the storylines revolved around the discovery of a secret army of clones. The clones were copies of Jango, and it was further revealed that fan favorite Boba Fett was actually a cloned Jango, being raised as his own son. Daniel Logan played a young version of Boba Fett in that film. While sources say Morrison is playing Boba Fett, it’s always possible that something sneaky involving cloning is going on.”

The news seems to confirm that the mysterious figure approaching Fennec Shand (Ming Na-Wen) in the finale of season one’s episode “The Gunslinger” is, in fact, Boba Fett. Unfortunately, sources claim that his role will be very short in The Mandalorian’s upcoming season – which is a strange decision, considering how popular the character is.

Let’s hope that Disney gives us a good, canonical reason as to how Boba Fett survived falling into the Great Pit of Carkoon (belch).

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