Cyberpunk 2077 Phoenix Program
Image: T7pro

CD PROJEKT RED’s upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 video game adaptation is already on track for a number of records. Whether through marketing or by fans of the franchise/company, many are keeping a keen eye on it. The world was initially teased with a trailer featuring actor Keanu Reeves in the forthcoming game. He will play the part of Johnny Silverhand, who is an integral character of the franchise. Since then, CD PROJEKT RED has released other trailers and promotional contests, and generally keeps ramping up things.

Well, some ambitious filmmakers are not waiting until the game releases to begin their own projects. From the official Cyberpunk Twitter page, T7pro’s official YouTube trailer, released on May 9th, has already had nearly a half million views. This project has been written and directed by veteran stuntman, cinematographer, and director Vi-Dan Tran. If you aren’t familiar with his work, you may end up hearing his name a bit more. Skyfall, Hitman 47, and Into the Badlands are just a few of his past projects. He is also currently working on Dune and Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings movie. On Vi-Dan’s Twitter page, he also lists as being an 8th-gen Jackie Chan stunt team member.

The concept for this project, and production credit, is shared by Vi-Dan and Ben Bergman. Ben also stars as Johnny Silverhand in this. Ben also has another alias, Maul Cosplay. Under this name, he recently did another project featuring the Sith Lord. On Ben’s Instagram page, you can see he’s been inspired by another character from CD PROJEKT’s past. From the White Wolf to Darth Maul and Johnny Silverhand, he has shown a knack for portrayals. They have stated that production has had to halt due to COVID-19, but they are “still on it.”

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  1. That looked very badass. The ONLY issue I have is Johnny Silverhand wasn’t a combat badass. He had a custom cyber arm and late in his career a custom bad *** pistol that could poke holes in heavy armor with a good shot. Shot of that he wasn’t some John Wick like character. He was more likely to inspire a crowd to riot and cause a distraction in front of a Arasaka building rather than take on a team of badguys and kill them all single handededly while looking like he’s taking a sunday stroll.
  2. Okay, I normally despise fan fiction. I respect it, and the effort put into it but in 99% of the cases I absolutely hate watching it. This was that 1%… maybe because it was only 2 minutes.

    That being said, the fight choreography at the end was great, variations of the same move repeated a couple times but it was smooth and worked extremely well in the context of the scene. I love a good fight and could watch people like Keanu kick the **** out of bad guys all day long.

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