[PR] BIOSTAR Launches Racing Z490GTA and Z490GTN Motherboards for Intel 10th Gen Core Processors

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BIOSTAR, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today announced the new RACING Z490GTA and the RACING Z490GTN motherboards which powers the new 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors.

Geared Towards power efficiency and flawless performance, the BIOSTAR RACING Z490GTA and the RACING Z490GTN motherboards have been built to last, with its stylish RACING DNA carried down from their premium flagship motherboard the RACING Z490GTA EVO.

Much similar to their elder sibling, BIOSTAR’s RACING Z490GTA and the RACING Z490GTN motherboards are built around the new LGA 1200 socket designed to support the high power requirements of the new 10th generation of Intel Core™ processors with their new microarchitecture Z490 chipset, and BIOSTAR has taken extra steps to ensure that their products are designed and tuned to perfection to run these processors on blazing fast boostspeeds with some radical new features such as the Super Hyper PWM system that delivers stable power with 100% fixed voltage and offers excellent precision, performance and reliability.

While the RACING Z490GTA motherboard is a fully packed ATX motherboard and the RACING Z490GTN motherboard comes in the Mini-ITX form factor designed towards consumers looking for a PC build with a smaller footprint but still able to get top shelf performance upgrades. All the while both motherboards sport the RACING Style armor designs with its slick RGB lighting effects (LED ROCK ZONE) easily controllable by the BIOSTAR’s VIVID LED DJ software with unlimited customizability for onboard and additional lights added by the RGB 12V LED header and ARGB 5V LED header and even supports a wide array of third party peripherals.

Designed towards gamers, and content creators in mind who are looking for a premium, reliable motherboard that enables their systems to its full potential, the BIOSTAR RACING Z490GTA and the RACING Z490GTN motherboards are packed with impressive features such as RACING Z490GTA supports up to 128GB of RAM in 4 DIMMs and RACING Z490GTN supports up to 64GB of RAM in 2 DIMMs with the capability to overclock the modules up to 4400+ boost clock speeds enabling users to run those high memory intensive tasks with extreme ease with high level upgradability.

RACING Z490GTA and the RACING Z490GTN motherboards are built with features like Super Durable Inductors, Super Hyper PWM and Tough Power Connector that works on distributing power efficiently across the system in a safe, reliable and extremely precise flow that extends the longevity of system components and keeps your hardware safe. Both motherboards are delivered with the latest BIOS interface design from BIOSTAR with an EZ mode for less tech savvy users to easily adjust their BIOS settings on the fly.

PCIe M.2 (32Gb/s) is enabled in both motherboards with support for Intel’s Optane memory enabling users with the sweet spot of data storage technology at their disposal and additional features like the new WiFi 6 ready connectors and Intel GbE LAN ensure users get blazing fast unobstructed network access and depending on their requirement be it may wireless or wired. The BIOSTAR RACING Z490GTA and the RACING Z490GTN motherboards are fully capable of delivering the bleeding edge performance at all times.

Both, the RACING Z490GTA and the RACING Z490GTN motherboards have almost identical rear I/O panels, with the exception of the RACING Z490GTA motherboard having a couple of additional ports due to the difference of form factor, such as a Display out port as well as a pre-fit I/O shield for easy installations and additional protection. Designed with practicality in mind, both motherboards are provided with ample connectivity options such as 4 x USB 3.2 Gen1 ports for speedy data transfer so users can enjoy the power of latest technology with ease.

It’s safe to say that the RACING Z490GTA and the RACING Z490GTN are two of the best motherboards on the market, with exceptional design elements, highly sort after features and certified reliability. For gamers, content creators or anyone looking for a great reliable product that skillfully runs the new 10th Gen processors from Intel, BIOSTAR 400 series motherboards are your best choice that will leave your wallets full and your PC build ready for war.

Furthermore, BIOSTAR has announced that all new motherboard purchases registered with their VIP CARE portal will get additional benefits like 5-year warranty periods and more just by completing a few small steps within their new VIP CARE webpage.

The new 400 series motherboard range from BIOSTAR including the RACING Z490GTA and the RACING Z490GTN motherboards are now available for pre-order by using the official Pre-Sale webpage until 20th of May, and the first batch of customers have a great chance to win additional prizes from BIOSTAR.

Visit Presale Page: https://bit.ly/2W7vvMX

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