AMD Partners with Robot Cache, a Marketplace That Allows Users to Mine Cryptocurrency for Free Games

Image: Robot Cache

What if you could put your idle GPU’s power to better use and get free games out of it? Well, you can at Robot Cache, the world’s first blockchain-based digital marketplace for videogames. The platform (now in open beta) is actually powered by AMD, which is sponsoring a 5-percent permaboost for Radeon graphics card and Ryzen processor users, allowing them to earn iron (the store’s currency) to get free titles at a quicker rate. Games can also be sold for 25 percent back in iron or real world currency.

“Robot Cache’s programmers have built code to direct your computer to mine the most profitable coins for its specs (and we’ll be adding more all the time as the landscape evolves),” the site explained. “From there, Robot Cache converts the cryptocurrency into IRON, giving 85% of it to the miner (you) and keeping 15% of it to administer the RC mining pool and operate our business, but most Cachers will earn more through boosts. Mining Boosts amplify your earnings by adding to your percentage take of the mining pool.”

These come in three flavors (all in 6, 12 and 24-hour increments):

Power (2.5%) = 87.5%
Turbo (5%) = 90%
Nitro (7.5%) = 92.5%

“They cannot be stacked, so activate just one at a time. Founders also have a Perma Boost that does stack through 6.30.20 adding an additional 2.5% meaning if you have a Nitro enabled your total take would be 95% for the duration of the Nitro boost. Note: they expire after 30 days so use them while they’re hot!”

In order to start mining, all you have to do is download the Robot Cache client and turn the feature on by visiting the mining tab on your profile. “Robot Cache’s blockchain platform ensures the security of the games being bought and sold in an immutable, decentralized way and to allow Cachers to easily mine when not using their gaming rig, and in exchange earn IRON to buy free games,” said AMD.

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