ASRock’s Base Frequency Boost Technology Is Now Available on Select 300- and 400-Series Motherboards

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Image: ASRock

ASRock has published a short but sweet post elaborating on its all-new Base Frequency Boost (BFB) technology, which should be of interest to anyone who’s upgrading to a non-K series Comet Lake-S processor but want to get a little overclocking action going. While an initial slide suggested otherwise, the company has clarified that the feature will not only be available on 400-series motherboards, but the 300 series as well. That would include the Z390/B365 and Z490/H470/B460 chipsets.

According to ASRock’s charts (which are “for reference only”), BFB can overclock an otherwise locked Core i9-10900’s base frequency from the default 2.8 GHz to 3.7 GHz, while the previous generation’s i9-9900 can be boosted from 3.1 GHz to 3.9 GHz. TDP could jump as high as 125 W with the feature enabled, however.

Image: ASRock
Image: ASRock

“While ASRock BFB breathes life into non K series CPUs and non Z series motherboards, the boost frequency currently still depends on the cooling system applied on your rig,” the company warns. Naturally, BFB requires a BIOS update, which is already available for the B365M Pro4, Z490M Pro4, and Z490M-ITX/ac. The other models listed in ASRock’s chart (below) will presumably get the update shortly.

BIOS Download & CPU Support List
Motherboard that is available for BFB technology is as list below, download and flash the latest BIOS to enjoy the instant performance boost!
Z390/B365 Series
Z390 Pro4B365 Phantom Gaming 4B365 Pro4B365M Phantom Gaming4
B365M Pro4P4.30B365M-ITX/ac
Z490/H470/B460 Series
Z490 Extreme4Z490 Steel LegendZ490 Phantom Gaming 4Z490 Phantom Gaming 4/2.5G
Z490 Phantom Gaming 4/acZ490 Phantom Gaming 4/axZ490 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3Z490 Pro4
Z490M Pro4P1.50Z490M-ITX/acP1.20H470 Steel LegendH470 Phantom Gaming 4
H470M Pro4H470M-ITX/acB460 Steel LegendB460 Phantom Gaming 4
B460 Pro4B460M Pro4B460M Steel LegendB460M-HDV
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