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Those of you who finished reading our Core i9-10900K review may be wondering how far Intel’s newest flagship can taken with exotic cooling methods. Well, one of ASUS’s resident overclockers (and ROG R&D engineers) has the answer.

Alongside Shamino, Massman, Safedisk, and other experts, Jon “Elmor” Sandstrom (via Wccftech) managed to hit 7.7 GHz across all 10 cores with the help of liquid helium. You can check out his process in the video below.

Elmor managed to achieve the record on ASUS’s flagship Z490 overclocking platform, the ROG MAXIMUM XII APEX, which supplied the chip with 1.194 V. As for memory, G.SKILL’s TridentZ RGB DDR4-4460 (F4-4000C18-8GTRG) was used.

Wccftech also spotted another interesting record that was attained on Intel’s new Z490 platform. Earlier this week, Taiwanese overclocker bianbao pushed G.SKILL’s F4-4000C18-8GTRG memory to a blistering 6.6 GHz, setting a new record for DDR4 memory.

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  1. Excuse me waiter, I’d like one Molotov Lake on the rocks please and make it quick!

    Some seriously impressive numbers but I wonder two things.
    1. Did the local power company send out a truck right after that to find what the heck just happened? How many small villages just lost power because of this.
    2. Parts of that video look like a small scale version of what some of us envision during a nuclear meltdown. LOL!

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