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It appears that AMD has quite a bit planned for Radeon fans in the near future. Serial hardware leaker _rogame has published red team’s entire GPU stack of Navi 21 (i.e., “Big Navi”) cards, which include multiple gaming and pro variants, as well as SKUs destined for Apple devices. Here’s the complete list of RDNA 2-infused parts:

Gaming Variants

Image: _rogame

Pro Variants

Image: _rogame

Apple Variants

Image: _rogame

According to _rogame, the Navi 21 die measures around 505 mm2 and comprises 80 compute units and 5120 GPU cores. It’s expected to provide 50 percent better performance per watt.

In addition to the Navi 21 SKUs listed above, AMD is also preparing replacements for its current Radeon RX lineup. These should be ideal for those who are on a budget, as “Big Navi” is sure to carry a big price.

Navi 10 Refreshes

Image: _rogame

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  1. I can get on board if they bring back the XTX, brother in law had to buy a 1900 XTX after I swapped up to the XT
  2. Similar in the sense of product placing I imagine… Because the rumors of 50% ipc plus 80 cu @ minor if any clock speed regression, should be a beast of beasts for top of the line.
  3. I’m overdue for an upgrade to my Pascal Titan X. Would be interesting to go team red for a change.

    I’d enjoy it if they made that possible.

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