Intel’s Tiger Lake iGPUs Could Offer Twice the Perf. of Gen11 Graphics, Besting AMD’s Vega-Based Renoir APUs

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Image: Intel

Intel may finally have an integrated graphics solution that can compete with AMD’s Vega-powered counterparts. According to recent leaks regarding the company’s 11th-generation lineup of 10 nm mobile Core processors, Tiger Lake chips will feature iGPUs that perform twice as well as the Gen11 variety sported by their Ice Lake siblings.

These performance increases were teased in benchmark results shared by Notebookcheck, which show the alleged power of Tiger Lake’s i3 (48 EUs, 15 W), i5 (80 EUs, 15 W), and i7 models (96 EUs, 15/28 W). As you can see below, the higher-tiered variants blow away Intel’s current Ice Lake chips with UHD and Iris Plus graphics.

Image: Notebookcheck

Additionally, _rogame shared some Fire Strike numbers that place Tiger Lake on an impressive pedestal. The i7 SKU with 96 EUs managed a score of 4514, besting AMD’s Ryzen 4800U and 4700U by 608 and 1,050 points, respectively.

Last but not least are slides from momomo_us (via Guru3D) that detail Tiger Lake’s Y and U variants thoroughly, revealing a 4+2 design (4 cores, 2 slices of iGPU) and TDPs ranging from 5 to 15 W. They also allude to support for AV1, VP9 (12-bit), and HEVC (12-bit) decoding.

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