AMD High-End Gaming PC Build Guide: Spring 2020 Edition

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AMD High-End Gaming PC Build: PSU

While all of the components we are selecting here today are what we would go with, and priced from vendors we trust, it is always a good idea to shop around as deals on these, or other good options, pop up from other reliable vendors all the time. With that said, let’s dive right into the next order of business.

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SEASONIC Prime Platinum 1300W PSU

Seasonic PRIME Platinum 1300W $299.99 (Currently $284.99)

60 FPS

  • Excellent Performance
  • Excellent Build Quality And Support
  • Quiet

30 FPS

  • Not The Most Efficient (But Only Slightly Off The Best)

Now we move on to what is often the last thing users consider when building a system; the power supply. Even though it should be close to the top of the list it often isn’t, and we all get why. It is usually a rather boring item in the build whose contributions are easily missed. Well, that is until things go south! Our choices today are kind of tough as power supply prices have been on the rise lately due to a host of economic factors.

However, our selection today is the Seasonic PRIME Platinum 1300W. Seasonic has come on in the last 7-8 years as a real brand presence in addition to all of its OEM work. In each of their offerings they seem to have hit it out of the park. So, we have no reservations about the Seasonic PRIME Platinum 1300W today.

In particular, the PRIME series represents Seasonic’s current top of the line offerings and, at 1300W, this unit has more than enough power to run our hefty Threadripper builds. On top of that, it is a high-quality unit and it is generally quiet. Sure, we would spend more money and get a Titanium rated 1600W unit, but with prices what they are it seems like a bit of a waste to push higher during a high moment of the market when we don’t need that extra capacity.

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