AMD High-End Gaming PC Build Guide: Spring 2020 Edition

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AMD High-End Gaming PC Build : Case

While all of the components we are selecting here today are what we would go with, and priced from vendors we trust, it is always a good idea to shop around as deals on these, or other good options, pop up from other reliable vendors all the time. With that said, let’s dive right into the next order of business.

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Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL Case

LIAN LI O11 Dynamic XL $199.99

60 FPS

  • Amazing Engineering
  • Extraordinary Compatibility
  • Option, Option, Options
  • Amazing Construction Quality And Materials
  • Looks AMAZING

30 FPS

  • It’s $199.99

In our previous build guides we have enjoyed the flame fest that has arisen from the choice of cases. So, today, we go back to the well one more time to see if we can build a consensus about a chassis. Remember, this is a higher-end build today so our case selection is far wider open than it has been before. Thus, we have gone with the LIAN LI O11 Dynamic XL.

The LIAN LI O11 Dynamic XL is our choice today because it is simply an amazing chassis in so many different ways. From the size making it easy to work in, to its incredible flexibility, to its attention to the slightest details, to the absolute breathtaking attention to build quality and materials the LIAN LI O11 Dynamic XL is the way a case should be made!

Realistically, it is hard to find a downside. Sure, someone will mention the $199.99 price point, but there are simultaneously more expensive and lower quality cases on the market. This becomes abundantly clear once you lay hands on a case this well thought out and this well constructed. So, even that $199.99 price point is not a downside. Hell, it is a down a right bargain! So, the LIAN LI O11 Dynamic XL is an easy pick for this guide, even if some of you will continue to disagree with the looks and my sanity.

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