AMD’s Zen 3-Based Ryzen 4000 CPUs Will Reportedly Be Built on TSMC’s 5 Nm+ Process

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Contradicting red team’s well-established CPU roadmap, DigiTimes has published a report claiming that AMD’s upcoming generation of Ryzen 4000-series processors will be built on TSMC’s cutting-edge 5 nm+ node, and not its 7 nm process as originally planned. This is a little difficult to believe, being that 5 nm capacity is already tight and radical changes like these can’t happen on a whim, but here’s a translation of the story for those who are curious, courtesy of @chiakokhua.

AMD CEO Lisa Su was actually questioned about this report during today’s Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference. While she didn’t outright deny the possibility of fourth-generation Ryzen being developed on 5 nm+, her comments do suggest that AMD’s CPU roadmap hasn’t changed.

“I think 5nm is an important node, and one that we will use quite heavily in our roadmap,” Su said (via Tom’s Hardware). “I’m not ready to talk about timing yet, but I will say that Zen 4 is deep in design, and we are very collaborative with TSMC. The way to think about it is, the process nodes usually start with mobile, and mobile is usually a simpler process from the standpoint of the performance it is trying to get. [..] 5nm will be important for Zen 4, as well as our GPU roadmap, will be using 5nm, but we’ll talk about timing as we get a little bit closer.”

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