Paramount Pictures and Sega Sammy Confirm Development of Sonic the Hedgehog Sequel

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Image: Paramount Pictures

Did you enjoy Sonic’s first live-action outing? Well, there’s more where that came from. According to an exclusive report by Variety, Paramount Pictures and Sega Sammy have begun developing a sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog, which debuted in February this year and quickly became the world’s biggest video game hit, grossing over $58 million domestically.

“Paramount Pictures and Sega Sammy confirmed on Thursday that they have commenced development on a sequel to the live-action family comedy,” reported Variety. “The sequel would reteam the filmmakers, with Jeff Fowler directing, and Pat Casey and Josh Miller writing the script.”

“The movie is still in the development stage so decisions have not been made yet regarding casting or a production start date.”

The news shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who saw Sonic, as the film includes pre-credits and mid-credits scenes that tease a potential follow-up. One of those scenes pretty much confirms that Sonic’s two-tailed friend will be a major character in the sequel.

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