Intel’s 10 Nm, 24-Core Ice Lake-SP Processor Teased In Benchmark Listings

Image: Intel

It’s sure to be an uphill battle, but Intel is going to defend its position against AMD in the enterprise market with Ice Lake-SP – its next generation of Xeon Scalable Performance processors, which are being built on the 10 nm node. Specifications and metrics pertaining to one SKU, which features 24 cores and 48 threads, have begun showing up on CPU-Z Validator, Geekbench and SiSoftware.

According to these listings, Intel’s 24-core Ice Lake-SP chip features a base clock of 2.19 GHz and boost clock of 2.9 GHz. The processor also utilizes 1.25 MB of L2 cache, which, as VideoCardz points out, is mildly higher than the previous generation (Skylake-SP).

Previous rumors had suggested that Ice Lake-SP would top out at 38 cores. That isn’t too shabby, but AMD’s second-generation EPYC lineup goes above and beyond that, with the 7H12, for instance, boasting 64 cores and 128 threads.

There’s also a theory that Ice Lake-SP will come to the HEDT market, but that, too, should be a challenging battle for Intel. Echoing EPYC, AMD’s Threadripper chips also go up to 64 cores (3990X).

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