Intel Wants You to Forget About Benchmarks and Focus on the “Benefits and Impact” of Its Technology Instead

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Image: Intel

How important are benchmarks for gauging the performance and value of hardware? Not much, according to Intel’s very own CEO, Robert (Bob) Swan. In a streamed message for COMPUTEX’s new virtual series (via PC Gamer), Swan urged users to stop worrying about benchmarks and to focus on the “benefits and impacts” of the products that Intel creates instead.

“We should see this moment as an opportunity to shift our focus as an industry from benchmarks to the benefits and impacts of the technology we create,” Swan said. “The pandemic has underscored the need for technology to be purpose-built so it can meet these evolving business and consumer needs.”

“And this requires a customer-obsessed mindset to stay close, anticipate those needs, and develop solutions. In this mindset, the goal is to ensure we are optimizing for a stronger impact that will support and accelerate positive business and societal benefits around the globe.”

Is this Intel’s way of admitting that it can no longer compare favorably with AMD, which has been on fire with its Ryzen and EPYC processors? That’s certainly how a lot of hardware enthusiasts are reading it.

Tsing Mui
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