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How important are benchmarks for gauging the performance and value of hardware? Not much, according to Intel’s very own CEO, Robert (Bob) Swan. In a streamed message for COMPUTEX’s new virtual series (via PC Gamer), Swan urged users to stop worrying about benchmarks and to focus on the “benefits and impacts” of the products that Intel creates instead.

“We should see this moment as an opportunity to shift our focus as an industry from benchmarks to the benefits and impacts of the technology we create,” Swan said. “The pandemic has underscored the need for technology to be purpose-built so it can meet these evolving business and consumer needs.”

“And this requires a customer-obsessed mindset to stay close, anticipate those needs, and develop solutions. In this mindset, the goal is to ensure we are optimizing for a stronger impact that will support and accelerate positive business and societal benefits around the globe.”

Is this Intel’s way of admitting that it can no longer compare favorably with AMD, which has been on fire with its Ryzen and EPYC processors? That’s certainly how a lot of hardware enthusiasts are reading it.

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  1. Loving my 3700X build. If the future wasn’t still so uncertain with COVID-19 I’d be ordering parts to make a 3900X or XT build now as well. I haven’t been that impressed with Intel much since 3rd Gen and even then only the 9900KS really stood out for me. Benches may not be the end-all/be-all of the story, and there’s plenty that have little relevance for the rest of us, but they do tell a lot .

    Benefit: It costs more.
    Impact: I get to spend less on anything else in the build.

  2. Of course Intel doesn’t want people to look at benchmarks. Or Dollar signs…. really Intel just wants you to give them money and say you like their stuff. Can everyone just do that please?

    Don’t be an informed consumer. Just FEEL how good our hardware is compared to that other company AM errr something. Nobody likes getting up in the morning. Why use them when that’s what they are all about right?

    We want you to stay up and enjoy our product not go to bed so you can get up Early… ewww who does that?

    What… there is a review that says we’re not as fast… well I mean what’s FAST really these days… I bet your phone is faster than your 4 year old laptop right?

    No no we want you to buy a new laptop with our hardware in it. And just understand that ‘fast’ is subjective. Heck I bet this new intel laptop feels fast to you! What? No no… those benchmarks saying that productivity is better is really a trap…

    Yea… uhh… see when you’re more productive it means you get more work to do and don’t get paid better! That is just unfair!

    Uhhh yea… I mean I kinda see your point… if you keep using this older computer until it dies you’ll be less productive but you have to have ummm… reliability. And really our CPU’s are still the same as what you have there… we just figured out how to put more power through them so they can be… better.. Yea not faster but just better. That’s it!

    Salesman leaves and sits on a bench at a park. "**** it bob I can’t even sell an Intel CPU… and ****ing Dell has their server pages updated now listing AMD CPU based systems right there next to Intel ones! What are we supposed to do?"

    (That last bit I was so pleasantly surprised to see BTW. Take a look at Dell Rack mount server lists when you’re looking and check out the AMD based ones are right there in the list now easy to find. )

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