Total War Saga: TROY Is a 12-Month Epic Store Exclusive – but It’ll Also Be Free for the First 24 Hours

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Image: Creative Assembly

Sega and Creative Assembly have announced that its latest Total War game, Total War Saga: TROY, will be an Epic Games Store exclusive for 12 months. That’s certainly nothing worth celebrating, but get this: the strategy title is going to be free for anyone to claim in the first 24 hours of its release.

“That’s right – we’re giving away TROY for free, to keep, as long as you claim it in the 24 hour window!” exclaimed Creative Assembly.

“We’re really excited about TROY, and we’re even more excited that this will give more of you the chance to play and enjoy it than might have had it otherwise. While we know that some of you won’t like the Epic Games Store exclusivity, we feel like this is a great opportunity for us in a lot of ways, and we’re hoping that you’ll take some time to hear us out and for us to answer what some of the questions we think you might have.”

Creative Assembly goes on to confirm that Epic had approached the company for exclusivity, but that it was a “difficult” decision and money wasn’t the only reason why it ultimately signed on the dotted line. Understandably, the deal will allow the company to diversify its business and get Total War Saga: TROY into the hands of more players.

The developer just has one favor to ask: “…however you feel about this, please keep any criticism to the studio as a whole, and don’t take it out on individual employees that you might find on various social media platforms.”

Total War Saga: TROY will debut on the Epic Games Store on August 13, 2020.

Tsing Mui
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